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Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.):

The Social Insurance Number (more appropriately called the Slave Identification Number) applies to the Artificial-Person named JOHN DOE (capital letters are used to signify a CORPORATION - see Capitalization), more appropriately called the Slave. These numbers are assigned by the creator of the CORPORATION, the Government, more appropriately called the Master (See Natural versus Artificial).

Whenever a SIN number is attached to any contract, then that contract involves the Slave. For example, a bank account that has been opened with a SIN number is the bank account of the artificial-person JOHN DOE. All money deposited in that bank account is deemed to belong to the artificial-person JOHN DOE, and therefore its creator, the Government. All interest earned in that bank account belongs to the Master. Any cash deposited in that bank account is considered income of the Slave JOHN DOE and also belongs to the Master.

Any cash belonging to the natural-person is deemed to belong to the Slave (JOHN DOE) whenever that cash is deposited in the JOHN DOE's bank account. The natural-person has voluntarily given that money to the Slave and therefore it becomes income of the artificial-person (see Employment).

Here is how we think their SIN system works in Canada:

Let's start with a quote from the Service Canada Web-Site, the URL for which changes from time to time, presently located at: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/sin/employers/responsibilities.shtml:

1. "The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is used to administer many government benefits including Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan, Canada Student Loans and Employment Insurance." Comment = When one applies for a SIN, it is primarily to access the government "benefits", and every time there exists a benefit, there also exists an obligation. The application for SIN is voluntary. It is a voluntary "Insurance Policy", just like another other insurance policy from which you can collect benefits under the right circumstances.

2. "Every person working in Canada must have a SIN." Comment = This is a trick statement. The words used in this statement are trick words: "person" is the Legal Person not man/woman, "work" basically means "employment" not sustaining life, and "Canada" means the corporation called CANADA. This statement is very devious, but correct when the appropriate definitions are used. As far as the government is concerned, it is too bad if those who read this statement misinterpret the meanings of each word. If one wants to work for COSTCO / CANADA, then one has to become a member of their "club". In order to work for or conduct business in that corporation (COSTCO / CANADA), one must join the club and have an identity card called a MEMBERSHIP / SIN card. Then one can get the benefits offered by that corporation (COSTCO / CANADA). Remember, working in Canada does not mean "the country commonly called Canada", it means working in the corporation called CANADA. After one joins the club, then one has to follow the rules of the club when conducting business within that corporation, just like COSTCO employees have to follow the rules of that corporation, in exchange for benefits like discounts, etc.

In respect of item 2 above, "working" does not mean labour-related activities, such as painting, grass-cutting, doing the laundry, etc. It basically means "employment", as can be found in the citizenship and immigration statutes, amongst others, for which a salary or wages are paid (defined as remuneration). There is no law which can force a man to have a SIN before he can sustain his life by exchanging his labour for the necessaries of life. Just don't expect any government benefits. See the US Clayton Act section 17 which states that "The labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce", thus labour cannot be bought or sold in commerce, thus labour is not taxed because nothing has been bought or sold from labour.

When anyone applies for a SIN, be it man/woman, parent, employer, they voluntarily sign up to enrol some Legal Person as a member of the "Employee Club of CANADA Corporation". It may seem like trickery or deceit, but the latin phrase caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) applies. If the buyer does not do adequate research, then the seller is not at fault. Even if it could be shown that there was trickery or deceit involved, there appears to be little recourse possible against the government because the courts, judges, and government departments are all involved in their Legalized Criminal Racket, and they will block any attempt for anything which would end their Racket.

Once a SIN has been created, it appears to be (but may not be) impossible to have it removed from their system. Even after death the SIN connections still linger on. We think that the SIN may be hypothecated for future earnings, like the Birth Certificate, and used as collateral for funding from some borrowed money from somewhere like the IMF. Perhaps they cannot revoke the SIN because the borrowed money has already been squandered and can never be paid back. Just a theory. However, there may be one possibility: A parent can apply for a SIN for a child who is under legal age, and we believe that the child can revoke the SIN when coming of legal age (18 years) if (s)he wants to give it back (because the SIN was obtained before the legal age of consent). In fact, it should be possible later on in life, to claim the right of refusal to keep the SIN, even after legal age, because it may have taken a while for the child (now adult) to fully understand the implications of the SIN. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to use this approach.

So, what can one do if one does not want to be attached to the SIN any more? The best theory at the moment is to trap the government in its own lies, preferably in a court discovery situation. One question should achieve the desired result:

Q1: "Is this SIN mine?" (a trick question you ask them because you mean "does it belong to me the man/woman, not the taxpayer").

A1: If they say NO, then you say "good, now that you have stated it is yours, now you can pay all the bills associated with the SIN", and you are out of their game.

A2: If they say YES, then you say "good, now that you have stated that I own the SIN, then I now require that you cancel and revoke the SIN, and if you refuse to do so, then you have just lied (under oath in discovery) because you told me it was mine. As you know, I can do whatever I like with my property. Also, since I acquired this SIN without full disclosure from the government, any contractual obligations are null and void, so you must revoke it"

The reality is that the SIN belongs to the government as an account for tracking the commercial activities of their Legal Person known as the Taxpayer. The SIN is unique, and it uniquely identifies a Taxpayer. No number can identify a man/woman, otherwise said man/woman becomes chattel (property) of the government, which is slavey as outlawed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, the Taxpayer uniquely identified by the SIN can never be a man or woman; it must be a Legal Person which was created by the government as a slave for the government.

When a SIN is provided for a working contract (employment) then a tax must be paid on the taxpayer's income. According to the Income Tax Act (the statute which the Canada Revenue Agency chooses to follow or ignore at its whim), a taxpayer's income is derived from a combination of sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 56, and 248 as "the salary, wages, and other remunerations from and office or employment, as well as the taxpayer's profit from a business, property or other source, or from sources in a particular place".

The key words in the definition of a taxpayer's income are salary & wages (from employment) and profit. Without salary, wages, or profit, there can be no taxpayer's income, therefore no income tax. Of course, a man/woman can never make any profit by exchanging his labour for something else, because the value of the expenditure of labour is greater than that which was received in exchange. In fact, the value of one minute of any man's life is so enormous that any return for labour results in a huge loss of life for worthless pieces of paper called money. Once a minute of life is given away, it can never be taken back, thus no amount of money will compensate for that loss of life. Only a Legal Person can make profit because the value of 1 minute for a Legal Person's time is zero, since the Legal Person is a dead entity, not a living man or woman.


Another big trick used by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is to request an audit for a taxpayer's accounts. Since they created the SIN to track the commerce of their Legal Person (taxpayer), they have the right to conduct an audit using their own information and records to check what is going on. However, the CRA will contact an "individual" and request an audit for the taxpayer to gather more information, that they do not have. The individual cannot refuse to be willing to help with the audit because the individual is deemed to be playing the role of Trustee to look after the taxpayer's commercial affairs. Thus, an individual should never refuse an audit. The Income Tax Act (ITA) defines the word "indiviudal" to mean "a person other than an incorporated company". Auditors can only deal with individuals as defined in the ITA, not with men and women in the real world.

However, here is the best way to handle a request for an audit:

You must never refuse to assist with the audit, however, since you are nobody's slave, you do not work for free. So, you request to be compensated for your assistance with the taxpayer's commercial activities. In every written or verbal encounter, you must say or write the following words:

" I would be happy to assist you with this audit, however, I am not your slave and I do not work for free. My fee for assisting you with this audit is a reasonable $20 per hour. Let me know when you would like me to start assisting you with this audit. "

Here is what has just happened: You have not refused to help, and nobody can ever say you refused to help or declined to cooperate. You have stated that you are not their slave, and if they try to force you to assist them, then your ask them if they are violating the laws against slavery and you ask them to write a letter stating that you are required to assist them for free (they will never write this letter). You have counter-offered with a reasonable hourly rate, so they can never say that your hourly rate is unreasonable because $20 per hour is an average rate paid for workers.

The CRA will NEVER agree to this because they cannot even pay $1 to any taxpayer for any assistance.

If the CRA says that their policy is to not pay for assistance, then you simply repeat the quoted statement above, verbatim, like a broken record. "I would be happy to assist you with this audit, however, I am not your slave and I do not work for free . . etc . . . . "

They can go nowhere with this technique, except to create an arbitrary assessment. They call this a "notional assessment" because it is based on a notion or a whim. If they proceed with a notional assessment with claims not supported by T4, T5, or other evidence, then you take them to court for fabricating amounts without any foundation. They are making the claim, so they should provide proof for their claims, however, with the government's Legalized Criminal Racket, they twist their laws to state that the Minister does not need to have evidence but can just make up stuff which you have to disprove. Everybody else making a claim has to provide proof for their claim, except for the Minister and other members of their Racket. So much for violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in respect of "equality" before and under the law. Again we are back to their Legalized Criminal Racket.

Keep in mind that when the CRA wants to do an audit, their intention is not to help a taxpayer correct any errors in its bookkeeping. They want to gather some evidence so they can create a new assessment and take some of the taxpayer's money. Pure and simple. Once you give them the evidence from taxpayer's records, they will use it against the taxpayer. So, NEVER let an audit happen without requesting to be compensated $20 per hour for your time.

If an audit has already commenced, then you can say "I am sorry but I have just realized that I have been assisting the CRA for free. Since I am not your slave and I do not work for free, we have to re-negotiate our arrangement. I am not refusing to assist the CRA with this audit, however, from now on my fee for assisting the CRA is $20 per hour. And, I would like to be paid for all the time I have invested so far, because I believe that you have been using me as your slave, and I believe that slavery is prohibited by law. So, in order to avoid any appearance of slavery in our arrangement, I require payment for all my previous assistance. If you cannot pay me, then you cannot use any of the information you have collected so far during this audit because such information has been obtained under duress and may be considered as being gained unlawfully, and thus it cannot be used by you or the CRA."

Conclusions: The SIN trap gets you into their system, so try to get out. Always request payment for assisting with an audit, because it exposes their trick that an individual in their system is the slave, but a man cannot be their slave, thus individual is not the same as man in the ITA.

An identical situation exists in the USA with their Social Security Number.

Here is a quote from Penny Payton, US Social Security Administration Claims Representative, letter dated January 10, 1986:

"Social Security is a voluntary system in that no one is required to get a number ... a person with no Social Security number would have no taxable income."

Here is a revealing article about American Citizenship and their Constitution.

"Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,"
(Preamble - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)