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how you can reclaim your unalienable rights.
created by Man.

For the text of this web-site is with the absence of the legal-advice.
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Here is a picture representation of man's creation of society and how the natural-person and artificial-person fit into the picture. It also indicates who pays taxes (click on image to enlarge):

Creation of Society:

Man created societies for the convenience of establishing law and order for be betterment of everybody concerned (at least we presume that this was done). The establishment of "Governments" is a good idea but only if the individuals running the Government are of good character.

Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines our duties to the community for the general welfare of the society and must be kept in mind when pushing the extreme limits of our freedoms. However in section 3 of Article 29 appears to undermine a lot of the individual's rights and freedoms, wherein it states: (3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Freedom In One Lesson:

Here is an excellent lesson from G. Edward Griffen about the true nature of a government in society. There is some philosophy in this presentation, but it contains good lessons.

Why Governments Lie:

[Did you know, there is no requirement for Government officials to tell the truth. Such requirements are not contained in their "Oath of Office", therefore telling lies has no penalty for them. So, why should they tell the truth if it goes against their agenda? If you think they should tell the truth because they are "good" people, then you need to read the book "TRANCE Formation of America" by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien]:

If you believe that the "Office of the Prime Minister" (or "Office of the President") has been established for the benefit of the people of the country, then you may be correct. However if you believe that the "individual" who occupies that office magically undergoes a transformation of character when he is appointed to that office, then magically restores his character when he leaves that office, then you are suffering from severe delusions. If you don't know how difficult it is to change somebody's character, just do some research on attempts to reform criminals, rapists, thiefs and the like. Once you understand that the "individual" occupying the office has his own "agenda" then you will realize that the principles of the "office" will most likely not be upheld.

An excellent article from the Illuminati Conspiracy Archive is reprinted here for convenience. It discusses the British rule of Canada, America and the world.

The Police State:

It would appear that the USA has already become a police state, as have many other contries in Europe. Here is an excellent web site regarding the planning of the police state and the elite's roadmap to its implementation. Unless we stand up, Canada will soon follow the USA with the North American Union, one big police state.

Here is a nice Rap Song about protecting your rights using UCC 1-207, which is an american code and not directly applicable in Canada, complements of Dusting HOMAGE Lee via www.HEARTCORE.ca:

[insert audio file here]

History Repeats Itself Again:

Here is a presentation purportedly by a Supreme Court Justice in Florida, discussing how Cicero of Rome faced the same dilemma with government as we do today. A long read, but interesting.

The Nature of the Strawman:

Here is an excellent two-hour video about the Strawman. Even though it was made in Britain, it applies to all Commonwealth countries.

The Rule of Law:

If you think the Canadian Government follows the rule of law, read this recent Speech to Law Society of Upper Canada, given August 2007, then think again.

Properly understood, when we speak of "the rule of law", we do not speak of "the rule of lawmakers", or "the rule of law-enforcers", or even of "the rule of government". Rather, we speak of the rule of foundational principles to which the government, the lawmakers and the law-enforcers are all subordinate, and to which they must conform. When this conformance happens, we enjoy "the rule of law".

Many Types of Law and Jurisdications:

Here is a re-print of a submission made by one of our readers. He details many types of law and jurisdictions. The information has not been vetted, however, it appears to be correct:

"There are at least Eighty three (83) types of law and at least thirty-one (31) arenas of jurisdiction, "1. Absolute law, 2. Adjective law, 3. Administrative law, 4. Admiralty law, 5. law of Arms, 6. Antitrust laws, 7. Bankruptcy Act, 8. Blue law, 9. Blue-sky law, 10. Canon law, 11. Case law, 12. Civil law, 13. Commercial law, 14. Common Law, 15. Conclusion of law, 16. Constitutional law, 17. Consuetudinary law, 18. Conventional law, 19. Criminal law, 20. Customary law, 21. Divine law, 22. Decree-law, 23. Ecclesiastical law, 24. Edict, 25. Enabling statute, 26. Enacted law, 27. Environmental Law, 28. Equity law, 29. Federal law, 30. Forest law, 31. Fundamental law, 32. General law, 33. Higher law, 34. Imperative law, 35. Internal law, 36. International law, 37. Judicial decree, 38. Judicial opinion, 39. Law arbitrary, 40. law of Citations, 41. law of Evidence, 42. law of Marque, 43. Law merchant, 44. Law of Môsheh (Moses)-Torah, 45. laws of Oleron, 46. law of the Road, 47. Local law, 48. Maritime law, 49. Martial law, 50. Mercantile law, 51. Military law, 52. Moral law, 53. Municipal law, 54. Natural law, 55. Napoleonic law (in Louisiana), 56. Ordinance, 57. Organic law, 58. Parliamentary law, 59. Penal law, 60. Permanent law, 61. Positive law, 62. Private law, 63. Probate, 64. Procedural law, 65. Prospective law, 66. Public law, 67. Remedial law, 68. Retrospective law, 69. Revenue law, 70. Roman law, 71. Securities law, 72. Special law, 73. law of the Staple, 74. State law, 75. Statute law, 76. Substantive law, 77. Sumptuary law, 78. Tacit law, 79. Tax Law, 80. United States law, 81. Unwritten law, 82. Usury laws, or 83. Written law. Each one would require a different approach when addressing the issues. For your information, the words in bold are false conveyance of language (a noun precedes another noun making the first noun a modifier or adjective) and when used by the corporate government to take property, rights or imprison a freeman/natural-person it is a felony under the common law (fraud) and under the anti-law known as statutes (Title 18 Code of the United States §1001, "Statements or entries generally,"). Further, having neither established the type of "Law" used nor the jurisdiction allows you to switch from one to the other without notice which would place me on a slippery slope. Moreover, I believe that subject-matter and personam jurisdiction would have to be determined and proven without the vehicles of fraud, menace, duress and undue influence currently used in this case before you can proceed.
Moreover, there are questions of jurisdiction that are not addressed, for instance do you claim jurisdiction of: 1. Admiralty, 2. American Common Law, 3. American Equity-Law, 4. Ancillary, 5. Appellate, 6. Concurrent, 7. Contentious, 8. Continuing, 9. Coordinate, 10. Criminal, 11. Equity, 12. Exclusive, 13. Foreign, 14. General, 15. International, 16. Legislative, 17. Limited, 18. Jurisdiction in personam, 19. Jurisdiction in rem, 20. Jurisdiction quasi in rem, 21. Military, 22. Original, 23. Pendent, 24. Plenary, 25. Primary, 26. Probate, 27. Special, 28. Subject-matter, 29. Summary, 30. Territorial, or 31. Voluntary?

Today's Lesson On Irony:

These three statements tell you a lot about our government and our culture:

1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

Funny how that works.

And another statement for consideration ...

2. We constantly hear about how CPP (Canada Pension Plan) is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about welfare running out of money? What's interesting is the first group "worked for" their money, but the second didn't.

And another comment from "Ghwkphd" about Corona Virus 2019 ...

3. Follow this Covid Logic Irony:

1. If Asymptomatic spread exists - Why has it not been shown in the evidence?
2. If the PCR test works - Why the mass false positives?
3. If the mask works -Why the six feet?
4. If the six feet works - Why the masks?
5. If all three work - Why the social distancing?
6. If all four work - Why the Lockdowns?
7. If all five work - Why the vax?
8. If the vax works - Why do people care if I get it or not? (They can't get sick if it works)
9. If the vax is safe - Why no liability clause from Big Pharma?
10. If the PCR test works - Why did Kary Mullis (PCR inventor) say "PCR can NOT be used to determine if someone is positive or negative in ANY virus"
11. If Kary Mullis was not a threat to their agenda - Why did he die in unexplained cicumstances just a few months before anyone ever heard of Covid-19?
12. If Corna virus exists and is not a re-labeled flu strain - Why has it NOT been isolated, according to the CDC?
13. If there is no agenda - Why is the media, governments, Gates and other elite oligarchs trying desperately to inject the entire world with an "EXPERIMENTAL DRUG" ????

So, Connect the Dots ... Covid + vax + passport = Tyranny

Finally ...

4. Provincial Social Services (welfare payments) is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free money ever. Meanwhile, the Parks Branch, asks us "Please Do Not Feed the Animals." The stated reason for this policy is because "The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves."

That ends Today's Lesson On Irony :-)

The Ownership of Human Beings:

Here is something from Mark Steele who summarized the ownership of human beings perfectly by stating:

In the US, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human. Through a modified DNA or RNA vaccination, the mRNA vaccination, the person ceases to be human and becomes the OWNER of the holder of the modified GEN vaccination patent, because they have their own genome and are no longer “human” (without natural people), but “trans-human”, so a category that does not exist in Human Rights. The quality of a natural person and all related rights are lost. This applies worldwide and patents are subject to US law.
Since 2013, all people vaccinated with GM-modified mRNAs are legally trans-human and legally identified as trans-human and do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state, and this applies worldwide, because GEN-POINT technology patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.”


The New Religion is the "Branch Covidian Cult":

For those who follow "orders" without the benefit of intelligent thought.

"Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,"
(Preamble - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)