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The Legalized Criminal Racket

Govermnets around the world are operating a "Legalized Criminal Racket", unlike the "mob" last century, who operated an "Illegal Criminal Racket".

In the case of government, all departments are part of the Racket so they can support each other.

They make their Statute Laws to make their actions "Legalized", however, they routinely break their rules without consequences and engage in "Criminal" actions, and the "Racket" is used to get support from other departments, such as the Courts, the Department of (so-called) Justice, the Police, the Municipalities, the Tax Department, etc.

Here is an excellent analysis by Wally Dove, ex CRA worker:

Wally Dove 18-03-14

The Dark Side of Revenue Canada

Here is an excellent book, first published in 1850, that discusses the Law versus Legal Plunder, by the French author "Frederic Bastiat":

"The Law", by Frederic Bastiat

Why it is Necessary:

If the government were to behave honourably, then it would not need to engage in the Legalized Criminal Racket, however, in order to permit them to steal money from the people (by way of Statutes, taxes, fees, government salaries, pensions, etc.) the government departments must support each other in the Racket otherwise the enitre social system would collapse and their game would be over.

Here is a revealing article about American Citizenship and their Constitution.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Criminals:

Here is a revealing blog about the Criminals operating the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

How the Racket Works:

Here is a good summary of how the Racket works.

Commentary on the Criminal Government:

Here is a good commentary about the criminal actions of government.

Criminal Malfeasance of Govt-Medical Establishment:

Here is an excellent video about the criminal actions of the medical establishment, Alberta police, and the Canadian government. Here is more information from Health Impact News web-site about the same case.

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"Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,"
(Preamble - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)