A non-profit site educating Canadians and Americans
about the differences between human-beings,
natural-persons and artificial-persons
man & woman,
created by God.
How the Government created your new identity and
how you can reclaim your unalienable rights.
created by Man.

For the text of this web-site is with the absence of the legal-advice.
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National ID Card
Government  Tricks
The Name Game
The Legalized Criminal Racket
Formation of Statutes
Fundamental Rights
Natural vs. Artificial
Birth Certificate (BC)
Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Right to Contract
Statistics Act
Income Tax Act
Bank Act
Excise Tax Act
Driver's Licence
Cycles of Civilizations
Do you need a Lawyer?
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New Links:

A new link has been added that leads to Discrimination on the basis of Genetics here.

Here is a nice site that discusses finding your spirituality via communing with nature.

A new link has been added that discusses finding your spirituality via

A new link has been added to Neil Keenan's discussion about You Corporate Identity and The Wizard of Oz and how it relates to the commercial system that has been created.

A new link has been added to an Australian web-site about "persons", here.

A new link has been added which explains the US Constitution, here.

A new link has been added about the Birth Certificate NAME, here.

A new link has been added about your fundamental rights and freedoms, here.

A new link has been added about the Secret (Double) Government, here.

A new link has been added about the Strawman here.

A new link has been added about Chuck Feeney here.

Latest Topics:

Latest Topics of Interest.

Private-Person Webinar.

Rights and Freedoms:

Freedom Gate.
Why do we obey Government Laws?
Natural Congregation of Yahweh.
Freedom School.
Steve - A Layman's Look at Law and Freedoms.
From Citizens to Soverign.

International Laws and Treaties:

United Nations Treaty Collection.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
International Law Summary.

Canadian Law:

Direct Link to Bills C-1 through C-48.

Alphabetical Index of All Acts.
Alphabetical List of British Columbia Acts.

Access to Justice Network.
Interpretation Act - broken link, government in hiding.
New Link to Income Tax Act - broken link, governemnt in hiding.
Income Tax Ac - broken link, government in hiding. (5.5Meg)
Excise Tax Act - broken link, government in hiding.
Bank Act (old). (1.2 Meg)
Bank Act (new). (1.7 Meg)
Citizenship Act - broken link, governmnet hiding stuff.
Immigration Act - broken link, government hiding stuff.
Criminal Code - broken link, government hiding stuff. (2.2 Meg)
Oaths of Allegiance Act - broken link, government hiding stuff.


Citizen Legal Reference Materials.
Rules for Living.

Solutions for All.

The Destruction of Canada:

Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust.

The Destruction of America:

The Crash of the USA has begun.
Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps.
Its Official. We are a Dictatorship.
What Does It All Mean.
Newt Gingrich attempts to stop free speech.
All Civil Disobedience Labeled Terrorism.
Freedom is Dead in USA as of 17 October 2006.

The Destruction of Britain:

UK Police Uniform has Nazi-like Symbol.

The Destruction of the World:

The Globalist Agenda.
Here Are the Members of the Secret Government.
Conspiracy Too Monstrous to Conceive.
Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture.
Illuminati Conspiracy Archive.

World Trade Center Conspiracy?

The Grand Deception: A second look at the war on terrorism.
Stand-Down Orders Given 9-11.
Illegal War in Afghanistan.
Liberty versus Security.
Why Is There a War In Afghanistan?
Destruction of Evidence?

Personal Health:

Forced Vaccinations Coming to Canada.
FBI Implicated in Anthrax Mailings Cover-Up.
National Vaccination Center.
Do Vaccines Create Diabetes?.
The Immunization Myth.
Model Emergency State Health Powers Act (MESHPA).
The Center for Law and the Public's Health.
Dr. Robert Beck and the cure for AIDS - link broken, needs fixing.


Galactic Friends Blog.
Currency and Money Issues.
The Reality Zone.
Secrets of the Federal Reserve.
The Ultimate Scam.
The Perpetual Traveller's Club.
We The People Foundation.
In-The-Truth Language Procedures.
Inform Canada News.
National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act.
Alternative Monetary System: Republic of Saltspring Dollars.
The One-World-Currency & The Rise of Gold Prices.
The Power of Words.
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Detax Canada.

The Legal Language of Babble:

Mark Kishon Christopher's presentation "Creating the Illusion of fact - the basis of Corruption", was originally available via YouTube links.

Since YT recently deleted all of these links, the dead links have now been removed from this web-site.

Sorry, but this is beyond our control.