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Driver's Licence:

A Driver's Licence is a good example of a contract between the artificial-person JOHN DOE and the natural-person John Doe, with one major difference. In Statute Law, the name of the CORPORATION is represented by all capital letters JOHN DOE (See Capitalization for this deduction). In Admiralty Law (law of the Sea where the Captain of the ship is king) the military representation for the name is reversed and becomes DOE, JOHN also called the "nom de guerre", or name of war. This is the style used to refer to the names of the dead soldiers killed during a war (it should be noted that corporations are actually dead entities just as the soldiers are dead). Under military rule (as is the case in Admiralty Law) offenses are usually treated as "absolute", viz. guilty until proven innocent.

Such is the case with a Driver's Licence. The Licence is issued to DOE, JOHN and when the natural-person John Doe signs the Driver's Licence, he agrees (by making a contract) to abide by the Admiralty laws of the Motor Vehicle Act (formerly) and therefore is guilty until proven innocent. This is why traffic tickets are Absolute Liability offenses and very difficult to negate.

In fact any contract in the name of DOE, JOHN is the most restrictive contract with the greatest possible liability for the natural-person party to the contract.

It is not recommended to operate a motor vehicle on the roads without a Driver's Licence. Although some people are doing this (see the excellent article by George Gordon), we would have chaos everywhere if untrained drivers started operating motor vehicles on the road without training or a licence. This example of the the artificial-person JOHN DOE being the licencee is given to demonstrate the absolute liability nature of driving offenses.

As a matter of correct English Grammar, there are two spellings for Licence (the Noun) and License (the Verb). Please be aware of both spellings and use the correct one to protect the noun/verb forms as you intend them to be used


When the Driver of a Vehicle is involved in an accident, and the Driver states, to a Police Officer or Insurance Agent, that "it was an accident", he may have just admitted that "it was an intentional collision", thereby admitting guilt. It may be better to say "it was an unintentional collision" and avoid the use of the word accident. This is because the word accident may have been re-defined to mean something else.

In at least one Province of Canada, the Motor Vehicle Act has re-defined "accident" to mean an "intentional collision" as shown from the following quote:

1 In this Act:
includes an intentional collision;
Here is another example of why it is not a good idea to assume that you know the meaning of everyday words because they may have been re-defined elsewhere in a statute.

"Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,"
(Preamble - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)