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There are five different levels of capitalization used in names of "persons"
human-being: john doe
natural-person: John Doe
quasi natural/artificial-person: John DOE
corporation/artificial-person: JOHN DOE
Nom de Guerre: DOE, JOHN

Here is a summary of the rights and freedoms of the above "persons":

The human-being has all the unalienable rights and freedoms as provided by God.

The natural-person has the rights and freedoms as provided by man with the Magna Charta and Canadian Bill of Rights.

The quasi natural/artificial-person has lost some rights, but not all rights. At this time it is not evident how to quantify which rights have been lost.

The corporation/artificial-person has limited rights and freedoms as provided by the creator of the Corporation.

The Nom de Guerre (name of war) has no rights and freedoms and is a complete slave to the Admiral.

Here is an Australian web-site with an explanation of different forms of capitalization of the namel.

A book has been prepared in cooperation with the Canadian Government to define the writing "styles" to be used in Canadian English, as well as by lawyers. The book is entitled The Canadian Style (ISBN 1-55002-276-8). According to Chapter 4 in this book, and specifically Section 4.03, Personal Names are to have the first letter capitalized only, such as John Doe. In Section 4.13 that discusses Military Terms it reads "In Department of National Defense documents, the specific part of an exercise name is written entirely in upper case, e.g. Exercise SILENT DEFENDER".

This is the only reference in the entire book to the use of ALL CAPITAL letters. Therefore by inference, if Personal Names are to have only the first letter capitalized, which we have known since birth, then why do ALL CAPITAL names exist on our Government associated documents? Could it be the military connection? After all, most court cases are conducted in Admiralty unless you demand otherwise.

Presuming the Government uses this book in its own documentation, a good presumption since the Government was involved in the preparation of the book, the conclusion is that the Government has an undocumented 'System of Nomenclature' that requires ALL CAPITALS for corporations/artificial-persons so they can distinguish them from natural-persons.

Here is a submission from a reader, with his interpretation of Name Capitalization:

4 styles to pick from:



Bob Jones = private Citizen (situs trust)

Jones, Bob = private Resident (situs trust)

JONES, Bob = NOT PUBLIC, not private

Bob JONES = NOT PUBLIC, not private

bob jones = righteous live man aka confidential man (man of confidence) - confidential = righteous

jones, bob = righteous live man aka confidential man (man of confidence) - confidential = righteous

There is a very long (22 page), but extremely educational article called Memorandum of Law on the Name that has been created for the USA (by Gordon Warren Epperly & Lightbringer - we have been told). We presume that a similar procedure has been established by the Governments in other countries around the world as well as in Canada. If somebody wants to check this out for Canada we would be happy to receive and information you may have researched.

Comment from DetaxCanada:


   FEDERAL      1994



The caption of each petition shall include the debtor's full and correct name in capital letters. If the debtor is an individual, then the first, middle and last names shall be used. The first entity name in the caption shall be deemed the debtor except in a joint petition where the first full name shown for each individual shall be deemed to be the name of each debtor.

[ Adopted effective December 1, 1991. ]

Thus it is, folks, the all caps spelling of your strawman/birth certificate name indicates a 'debtor' - one responsible for the debt of the corporation called the UNITED STATES (or CANADA).

You, by accepting the birth certificate name as your own, have the false status of 'dissident/disobedient slave imposed upon you, so that the banksters of the Vatican can steal your life = time = labour without any rules obligating the observance of unalienable rights. Check the name on your bank account, credit cards, licenses, government correspondence - to see how they spell the birth certificate name.

"Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,"
(Preamble - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)