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Birth Certificate:

Our enslavement begins with the registration of our Statement of Live Birth, into the Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Following that, the issuance of a Birth Certificate is used to create all government-issued IDs and all the Artifical Persons derived therefrom.

Here is how we think their system works:

Statement of Live Birth - Registration:

The Statement of Live Birth (SOLB) is signed by the parents and witnessed by a nurse at the hospital. It is a record of a Birth Event of a baby, but without DNA or footprint, it does no actually identify any particular baby, just a birth event.

When the SOLB is submitted to the Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, that gift is accepted by the Registrar and the particulars on that SOLB are used to create a legal person in their Records (information system). So they create a Legal Person.

Once the SOLB has been given to the Registrar, it can never be retrieved (because it was given away). We think the SOLB is part of a Private Trust with the Parents as the Grantor, the State as the Trustee, and the Legal Person as the Beneficiary. Of course, the State owns the Legal Person, so they are also Beneficiary. Already we have a problem because theoretically a Trustee should not be a Beneficiary. We have no proof of this Trust, only theory.

Birth Certificate - Issuance and Cancellation:

So now, when your need birth information for functioning in commerce, you make application for a Birth Certificate (BC), which is a copy that represents the information in their system. Multiple BCs can be ordered as needed throughout life. The information is about their Legal Person.

We think the BC creates a Public Trust where the State is the Grantor (since the State signs and issues the BC, not the parents), the State becomes the Trustee of all subsequent things done in the name of the BC (bank accounts, property, etc), and the Legal Person assumes the role Beneficiary by default (but the State owns the Beneficiary). This is an improper Trust where the State occupies all three positions, which makes such a Trust void. We have no proof of this Trust, only theory.

So, in answer to the question: "can the BC be removed from the system by returning it to the Registrar?" the answer is no. The State owns the BC since they created and issued it, but you applied for it voluntarily. You can always return it to the Registrar, but that is just the same as never having applied for one in the first place. Even if you send in some documents with the return of the BC, you are dealing with Bureaucrats (a government official who does things by rote without the benefit of intelligent thought) so you might as well talk to a wall.

So, I don't think returning the BC is the way to go, because that does not change the records in their system. I think the SOLB is the key, because it is the formative document.

Destroying the Legal Persons:

I think we need to figure out a way to have the State remove all records associated with the Legal Person name in their system, which means we have to have the SOLB removed and reversed, and even returned. You can always request a certified copy of the SOLB, but you will never get the original. If the SOLB could be removed from their system, then the attached Legal Person does not exist, so all Bank Accounts, Passports, School Records, Tax Accounts, etc. have to be erased. Now, you may have a problem dealing in commerce and taking vacations to another country. We think the State has hypothecated the future value of the baby (on the SOLB) and used that for borrowing money on the international markets, so if the give up the SOLB, they would have to undo the hypothecation and return the money, which has long since been squandered.

I think the best approach, as I discuss in The Name Game, is to force the State to admit that the Name on the BC was created by them and represents their Legal Person. Then they pay all the bills and they become the Surety for the Name. You get to act using the Name on the BC because everything you purchase in that name belongs to them anyway (house, car, etc.)

Some people, I included, have signed the BC as "Accepted for Value" then returned it to the Treasury and requested that access be provided to the hypothecated funds. Of course that went nowhere, because of the bureaucratic wall. So, many have tried to return the BC but with no success because returning it does nothing more that never having applied for it in the first place. The SOLB is the key.

Perhaps, a Notice of Civil Claim needs to be launched by your parents against the Registrar for Fraud and Damages resulting from his deceit and lack of full disclosure. Their defence would be that the SOLB was given voluntarily. The counter claim to that is written in the Statute, which states: the parents MUST (mandatory) submit the SOLB to the registrar. The supporting evidence would the be that of slavery (mandatory) as a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which outlaws slavery in all forms, so the so-called mandatory statue makes the initial transaction null and void, thus the SOLB must be returned to the parents.

Remember that we are dealing with a "Legalized Criminal Racket" not much different from the "mob", the "mafia", or any other similar racket organized to defraud and steal money from the people. Since they have Legalized their Criminal Racket with Statutes, and they have judges, sheriffs, etc. on board, it may be very difficult to get any justice.

The other alternative to disconnect from the system is to follow some of the ideas in the book "How to Be Invisible" and work and live below the radar, so to speak. It is not a wise idea to fight for the masses of people to obtain justice for all because, unfortunately, most of them are happy to remain as sheeple as long as they get the handouts, benefits, and get to watch football (or whatever) on TV.