A non-profit site educating Canadians and Americans
about the differences between human-beings,
natural-persons and artificial-persons
man & woman,
created by God.
How the Government created your new identity and
how you can reclaim your unalienable rights.
created by Man.

For the text of this web-site is with the absence of the legal-advice.
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This website has been prepared by a human for the purposes of disseminating knowledge to save the fundamental rights and freedoms of the human race and to prevent the creation a prison planet full of slaves and serfs ruled by overlords who believe they have dominion over other men.

We hope that our freedoms are not doomed as a result of the general apathy of the public to the preservation of their rights and freedoms.

Last Update: 2023-11-12

History of Updates:
Nov 12, 2023:
Migrated Web-Site from GoDaddy to A2Hosting Server.
Dec 09, 2021:
Added Mark Steele's "Ownership" on Society Page.
Aug 31, 2021:
Added link to "Genetic Non-Discrimination Statute" on Links Page.
July 17, 2021:
Added link to Gov-Medical Malfeasance on Criminal Racket Page.
July 9, 2021:
Added link to Amandha Voller's interview on Contract and Home Pages.
June 26, 2021:
Added links to various CVL documents on Introduction/Home page.
May 12, 2021:
Added "The Branch Covidian Cult" GIF on Society page.
May 10, 2021:
Added "Covid Logic Irony" on Society page.
April 23, 2021:
Added "BrainWashed The Movie" on Home (Index) page.
March 24, 2021:
Added "Informed Consent Contract for Vaccine Liability" on PDF page.
March 1, 2021:
Added "Contract of Surety for Vaccine Liability" on PDF page.
January 21, 2021:
Added URL for Debt Elimination video on Contract Law page.
November 11, 2020:
Added "Shall vs. Must" on Definitions page.
September 21, 2020:
Added Artificial Person case-law to Artificial page.
August 13, 2020:
Uploaded book "The Law" by Frederic Bastiat, on Criminal Racket page.
June 6, 2020:
Fixed broken links on "Links" page caused by change in UN web-sites.
April 1, 2019:
Added note of caution on "Citizenship" page about Congressional Record.
November 22, 2017:
Added link to "Finding your Spiratulaty" presentation on Cycles page.
September 13, 2016:
Added link to "Cicero of Rome" presentation on Society page.
July 2, 2016:
Added link to "Canadian Bank Reformers" on Bank page.
June 10, 2016:
Added link to "Edward Griffen" about Authority, on Society page.
April 21, 2016:
Added link to Chuck Feeney, on Income Tax & Links pages.
April 9, 2016:
Added reader's submission to Capitalization page.
February 29, 2016:
Added link to Eternally Aware's analysis of the ITA on the ITA page.
February 25, 2016:
Added file "The_Employee_Myth_CW.pdf" to the Employment page.
February 2, 2016:
Added link to ICCPR video on Rights page.
December 19, 2015:
Added PersonCratia links to Citizenship and Links pages.
November 22, 2015:
Added Breaking News to home page.
November 7, 2015:
Added link to Strawman Video, on society & about pages.
July 18, 2015:
Added link to American Constitution Citizenship on several pages.
March 2, 2015:
Added "The Legal Language of Babbel" to the Links Page.
February 23, 2015:
Added Birth Certificate Page.
February 22, 2015:
Updated Social Insurance Number Page.
February 18, 2015:
Updated The Name Game document with 20150206 pdf file.
February 3, 2015:
Added Detax Canada's suggestions & commants to Some Pages.
January 10, 2015:
Added reader's submission on "types of law" to Society Page.
January 7, 2015:
Added link to "autograph" on Gov Tricks Page.
Added natural person information to Natural-Artificial Page.
January 2, 2015:
Added link about 2 US Constitutions, to Links Page.
December 21, 2014:
Added link to Lindsay's International Law on Fundamental Rights Page.
December 20, 2014:
Added new page for The Name Game.
December 20, 2014:
Added new page for The Legalized Crimiinal Racket.
October 30, 2014:
Added American Law & Procedure (1910) about "person" in Definitions.
April 23, 2014:
Found "personal deposit account" section 439.1 in Bank Act.
March 20, 2014:
Added quotes to Definitions and Natural vs. Artificial Pages.
February 16, 2014:
Added link to Birth Certificate & Fundament Freedoms on Home Page.
September 29, 2013:
Added link to Birth Certificate to Government Tricks Page.
October 14, 2012:
Added "Who Is You?" Fifth Trick to Government Tricks Page.
May 02, 2012:
Added Quote From the Bible to Home Page.
January 27, 2012:
Added link to Quebec Common Law video, on Right to Contract page.
January 24, 2012:
Added quote from Memorandum on Law of the Name to Natural-Artifical.
July 1, 2011:
Added link to Galactic Friends site on Links and Home Pages.
June 29, 2011:
Added links to Steve's new site on Links and Rights Pages.
April 10, 2010:
Fixed some broken links.
June 17, 2009:
Added link to Freedom School, on Links Page.
March 08, 2009:
Added link to Spiritual Economics Now network on theHome Page.
October 06, 2008:
Updated Income Tax Page to link to the Income Tax Act.
May 19, 2008:
Added link to Deciphering the US Federal Income Tax on Home Page.
December 17, 2007:
Added link to Meltdown of World Financial System on Bank Page
September 12, 2007:
Added Old English Quote to Natural vs. Artificial Page.
August 24, 2007:
Added MOTION OF NON CONFIDENCE to the Home Page.
Added Constitutional Problems of Canada to History Page.
August 22, 2007:
Added Rule of Law to Society Page
July 20, 2007:
Added "apathy" comment to About Page.
June 17, 2007:
Added link to GlobalResearch.ca regarding Crash of USA, on Links Page.
June 14, 2007:
Added link to the Police State on Society page, and ITA on ITA page.
May 22, 2007
Added Fifth Trick on Government Tricks Page
Added Latest Topics Link on Links Page
May 7, 2007
Added Link to Tax Refusal on Grounds of Mass Murder on Links Page.
April 10, 2007:
Updated the Income Tax Act page to clarify who shall pay.
Updated the Definitions page in respect of "includes".
Updated the National ID Card page.
April 3, 2007:
Added new page: National ID Card.
March 30, 2007:
Added link to US Fedaral Income Tax is Dead on Home Page.
March 27, 2007:
Added the Fourth Trick to the Government Tricks Page.
March 16, 2007:
Revised the use of means and includes on the Government Tricks Page.
March 12, 2007:
Revised Employment Diagram on Employment Page.
March 9, 2007:
Added link to Citizen Legal Reference Materials on the Links Page.
Added link to Wealth for Freedom on the Links Page.
March 6, 2007:
Added link to the Eight Veils of awareness on the Cycles of Civilizations Page.
March 4, 2007:
Added link to George Gordon on the Driver's Licence Page.
February 23, 2007:
Removed some dead links from the Links Page
February 12, 2007:
Added Link to Natural Congregation of Yahweh on Links Page.
Added Link to Conspiracies, Money, Constitutions, andDummies on Bank Act Page.
February 9, 2007:
Added Link to Film Festival, February 24, 2007, on Seminars Page.
February 8, 1007:
Added link to Ed Brown's standoff against the IRS on Home Page.
January 19, 2007:
Added links to "What Does It All Mean" on the Links Page.
December 05, 2006:
Added link to "Newt Gingrich attempts to stop free speech" on Links Page
December 01, 2006:
Added link to "The Collapse of the US Dollar Begins" on Links Page.
Added section for the Destruction of Britain on Links Page.
November 17, 2006:
Added link to "US Tortures is own Citizens" on Links Page.
October 20, 2006:
Added link to "Freedom is Dead in USA" on the Links Page.
July 01, 2006:
Added link to "Blueprint for a Prison Planet" on the Links Page.
June 14, 2006:
Added Audio Interview with Aaron Russo on the Income Tax Page.
June 05, 2006:
Latest version of Mary Croft's Free Book available via Home Page
May 12, 2006:
Added Money, Money, Money Information on Seminar Page.
April 14, 2006:
Added link to Vancouver Property Rights document on Fundamental Rights Page.
Apr 11, 2006:
Added information about natural person bank account to Seminar Page.
Oct 23, 2005:
Added link to Slavery in the USA.
Jul 08, 2005:
Addel link to USA section 861 cover up on Home Page
Jul 07, 2005:
Added What the Bleep Do We Know information on Seminar Page.
Jun 04,2005:
Added link to Bank of Canada, on the Bank Act page. Corrected Non-Negotiable to be Non-Redeemable instead.
May 30, 2005:
Added Bank of Canada Notes ("money") to Bank Act page.
May 29, 2005:
Added UDHR Quotation to the bottom of each page.
May 11, 2005:
Added HyperLink to Human Being Picture Image.
Apr 04, 2005:
Added list of CRA Trick Words to the Government Tricks page
Mar 30, 2005:
Updated the Statistics Act page.
Mar 23, 2005:
Added link to Mary Croft PDF file "How I clobbered ... " on History Page.
Feb 19, 2005:
Added Income Tax Act Employee Definition Diagram.
Added hyperlink to the Illuminati Conspiracy Archive.
Jan 14, 2005:
Added Income Tax Act Taxpayer Definition Diagram.
Dec 1, 2004:
Added two links to Destruction of the World links.
Nov 26, 2004:
Added "without prejudice" article to Fundamental Rights page.
Nov 22, 2004:
Added link to "Everything you need to know about the Patriot Act"
Jul 14, 2004:
Added Formation of Statutes Page
Jul 7, 2004:
Added link to Memorandum of Law on the Name.
Dec 18, 2003:
Added link to new Bank Act wherein "personal deposit accounts" (natural-person domestic accounts) have been removed from section 444 of this Act.
Updated Bank Act page.
Added examples of artificial-persons to Artificial Page
Dec 7, 2003:
Added paragraph to Driver's Licence page.
Updated Citizenship page.
Updated Passport page.
Added new Society page.
Dec 6, 2003:
Added link to "The Power of Words"
Oct 9, 2003:
Corrected spelling of unalienable, modified Citizenship page
Sep 1, 2003:
Added link to "Open Your Eyes, America"
Feb 7, 2003:
Added link to "Why do we obey Government Laws?"
Nov 8, 2002:
Added Exodus 5:9 quote from Pharaoh of Egypt (Cycles of Civilizations).
Nov 1, 2002:
Added Seminar Schedule for Paradigm
Apr 30, 2002:
Added Julius Ceasar quote to Cycles of Civilization Page.
Apr 27, 2002:
Added Seminar Details for May 2002
Feb 24, 2002:
Added English Grammar Page.
Feb 18, 2002:
Re-wrote History,
Clarified Citizenship.
Feb 17, 2002:
Added Lawyer Page
Jan 31, 2002:
Added R.R.S.P Page.
Updated Employment Page
Jan 27, 2002:
Added more clarification to Government Tricks.
Jan 24, 2002:
Corrected Income Tax definition of "individual".
Updated Seminar Details for Jan 25-26-27.
Jan 11, 2002:
Added link to "Educational Seminars"
Added link to PDF file "The One-World-Currency & The Rise of Gold Prices".
Added link to PDF files about Space Based Weapons
Jan 10, 2002:
Added several links to sites
Jan 9, 2002:
Updated Fundamental Rights page with Magna Charta definition.
Added additional links to Cycles of Civilizations page.
Jan 7, 2002:
Added link to National Vaccination Center
Added link to PDF file "Vaccines Create Diabetes"
Added link to Reality Zone.
Jan 4, 2002:
Added link to PDF file "Letter to Senator Fraser January 3".
Jan 3, 2002:
Added link to PDF file "FBI Implicated in Anthrax Mailings Cover-Up"